We offer furs and fur-lined fabrics that are tailor-made to meet your needs, complement your personality and suit your wallet. Bortolami Furrier’s uses nothing but the highest-quality materials and hides, which are painstakingly sourced before being tanned and worked in Italy. As such, our garments showcase the mastery of our expert furriers.

  • Repairs;
  • Alterations;
  • Re-hemming your used garment;
  • Cleaning of furs and fabrics;
  • Bortolami Furrier’s recommends that you have your garment cleaned at least once every two years, because smog, dust and dirt love fur and, over time, could cause it to lose its shine and elasticity; Bortolami Furrier’s carries out a special cleaning process that not only cleans the garment but also softens it;
  • Summer storage in special facilities where your garments will be cared for in a ventilated, temperature-controlled environment complete with additives and moth-killers;
  • Possibility to pay in instalments on presentation of the required documentation (identity document, national insurance number, income statement).

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